This all natural washing powder recipe has to be the cheapest and best value laundry detergent around.

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  1. Mix together and store in a sealed container.
  2. Use two level teaspoons for a front loader or small top loader washing machine and three level teaspoons for a large top loader.


Give the washing powder an extra boost if you wash really dirty or greasy clothes by adding one small box of bi-carb soda to the mix.


  • This powder doesn’t bubble, you wont have suds
  • Any type of soap will work for this recipe. Use laundry soap (usually the cheapest option), bathroom soap for a nice scent or simply use up left over soap you collect from your bathroom
  • They grey water from your wash can be safely used on lawns
  • It is safe to use your kitchen grater or processor to grate the soap, after all you wash it with detergent which is soap
  • Alternatively use Lectric Washing Soda as a detergent booster. Add 1/2 cup of Lectric Washing Soda to washing machines to boost the cleaning power of all brands of detergent. It is a cheap all natural way to make every wash more powerful. Your whites will be whiter and colours brighter.

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