Lectric Washing Soda cuts through grease, soap scum and lime scale. Use a regular solution to freshen up baths, basins and showers.

Note: Do not use washing soda on lacquered taps and fittings.

Lectric Washing Soda can help unblock your sink. Simply pour some boiling water down the sink; once it has  drained away (slowly), pour in a cup of Lectric Washing Soda. Then add another cupful of boiling water and leave for 5 mins. Next pour in a kettle full of boiling water to see if the issue is resolved. If it isn't repeat the process until the drain flows freely. You should see the drain rate improve with each treatment.

To avoid blocked drains place a cupful of Lectric Washing Soda and hot water down your drains each week and you shouldn't have a problem.

Clean, deodorise, and remove soap scum and mildew from your vinyl shower curtains with a strong, hot solution of washing soda.

Note: Lectric Washing Soda should not be used on aluminium.

Freshen sponges and combs up and get rid of that “greasiness” with a soak in a regular hot solution.

Clean wall tiles with a regular solution to leave them clean and sparkling. Washing soda will bring new life to grouting too.

Use a strong hot solution to keep waste pipes clean and fresh. A regular flushing will help keep waste pipes clear of blockages.

Clean the bathroom floor with a regular solution. Ceramic or vinyl tiles will clean up beautifully.

Note: any polish on wood or vinyl floors may be removed by using washing soda.

Our "Miracle Spray" is a great all round natural cleaning recipe for many Bathroom Cleaning Jobs. Find our recipe here.

Solution Strengths

It is important to ensure that Lectric Washing Soda is dissolved prior to use. 

Use Warm to Hot water for dissolving and then allow the solution to reach required temperature prior to use.

Soda Warm/Hot Water
Mild 2 tbls 1 Litre
Regular 1 cup 1 Litre
Strong 2 cups 1 Litre