Spray trees or plants with a solution of 120 grams of soap flakes with 60 grams of washing soda dissolved in 7 litres of hot water.

Spray roses with a solution of one cup of milk and 60 grams of washing soda dissolved in 4 litres of hot water.

A brush down with a strong, hot solution will remove the slime left by rotting leaves and moss, and will also help to keep paved areas moss free. Sprinkle directly onto moss, leave overnight and rinse off.

Note: Avoid spilling or spraying onto plants

Clean steps, driveways and stonework with a strong solution.

For easy maintenance of saws, hedge trimmers and clippers, scrub with washing soda on a wet, stiff-bristled brush. Hose off and let dry in the sun.

Note: Do not use on aluminum tools.

Washing soda is renowned for its ability to cut through grease, so it is ideal for cleaning barbecues. If possible soak components in a strong, hot solution for an hour or more before rinsing well with clean water. Use a strong solution and scrub grills and pans with a stiff brush. Check out our instructional videos to get a step by step on how to clean your BBQ with Lectric Washing Soda.

Grimy plastic garden furniture will come clean with a strong solution of washing soda.

Dissolve a regular solution of washing soda in hot water and scrub as usual to make a moss and algae free surface with reduced slip factor.

Is your pool too acidic? Dissolve Lectric Washing Soda in water and add progressively, testing as you go. Once your pH is how you want it, jump in.

Solution Strengths

It is important to ensure that Lectric Washing Soda is dissolved prior to use. 

Use warm to hot water for dissolving and then allow the solution to reach required temperature prior to use.

Soda Warm/Hot Water
Mild 2 tbls 1 Litre
Regular 1 cup 1 Litre
Strong 2 cups 1 Litre