Established over 50 years ago Lectric Washing Soda is tried, tested and most of all trusted.

Proudly Australian made and owned, Lectric is dedicated to providing customers with all-natural, effective household cleaning products.


Before the advent of modern cleaning products, washing soda was the main product used for doing the laundry and household cleaning.

Lectric Washing Soda has been a cleaning staple in Australian homes for over 50 years. For generations Lectric has been admired for its versatility, value and natural cleaning power.


Lectric Washing Soda is made from 100% natural sodium carbonate and contains no phosphates, dyes, colourants or fragrance. It is a great alternative to cleaning products with harsh chemicals.

Lectric does not test products on animals.


There are very few cleaning tasks that can’t be tackled with Lectric Washing Soda. Use as an all-purpose household cleaner, detergent booster, water softener, or as an ingredient to make your very own miracle spray, as seen on A Current Affair. The opportunities are endless.

This great versatility means you spend less money buying different cleaners for different jobs and have much more room in the cupboard under the sink!