Uses In The Laundry

Water Softening

In hard water areas, washing soda has long been used to reduce the lime scale in water. This means that you can reduce the amount of the detergent you would use in a washing machine to the manufacturer's instructions for “soft water”. It also improves the efficiency of the machine and reduces the risk of breakdown and expensive repair bills resulting from lime scale build-up. Add half a cup of washing soda to your wash load.


Washing soda is renowned for its ability to dissolve grease. Soak greasy clothes and textiles overnight in a strong solution, before washing normally.


Remove heavy stains on cottons or linens by soaking in a strong solution of Lectric Washing Soda. Washing soda can remove grease, blood, ink, tea and coffee stains.

Washing Machines

For smelly machines, remove the odour by adding 300-500g of Lectric Washing Soda to the empty drum and run a hot wash WITHOUT a pre wash. Checkout our instructional videos to see exactly how to clean your washing machine with Lectric Washing Soda

Pre Treat

Make a paste of 4 tablespoons of Lectric Washing Soda and ¼ cup of warm water. Using rubber gloves, gently rub paste into dampened stain and wash as usual.

Pre Soak

Pre-soak dirty clothes for at least 30 minutes in a mild solution of Lectric Washing Soda before washing.


To hand wash fine materials use a warm, mild solution.

Note: Always test fabrics for colourfastness before using washing soda to soak, wash or remove stains.

Detergent Booster

Add ½ a cup of Lectric Washing Soda in addition to regular detergent to boost cleaning power. Your clothes will come out whiter and brighter

Solution Strengths

Soda Water
Mild 2 tbls 1 Litre
Regular 1 cup 1 Litre
Strong 2 cups 1 Litre