Paintwork and vinyl window frames will brighten after a wipe down with a regular solution of washing soda in warm water. You can prepare bare wood for painting with a regular solution.

To prepare wooden flooring for varnishing or painting, make sure that all debris is removed, then mop with a strong washing soda solution. Make a new solution when the solution looks dirty in the bucket to prevent re-spreading the dirt around the floor.

A wipe with a regular solution will brighten venetian blinds, and help to shrug off dust.

Cane and wicker furniture will come clean after a wash with a regular washing soda solution. Washing soda will also help to harden the cane and tighten sagging seats.

Brass and pewter will polish much more easily if first washed in a strong, hot solution of washing soda.

Washing soda is ideal for getting out wine stains. Dab upholstery with a mild solution to get rid of stains or simply to freshen up the fabric. Take care not to scrub wool or other upholstery fabrics as it could damage them.

Note: Always test fabrics for colourfastness before using washing soda.

A very mild solution gives windows, mirrors and wall tiles a sparkle.

Clean out rubbish bins with a regular solution to keep them clean and odourless.

You can even sprinkle some washing soda ontop of your garbage in the kitchen bin if it is a bit smelly but not time to take the bin out!

To put the shine back into silverware and silver jewellery with ease, make a solution of one cup of washing soda to 2 litres of hot water and soak for 15 minutes in a bowl lined with aluminium foil. The tarnish will simply melt away. Rinse off and buff. Soak delicate jewellery in a regular solution. Click here to see our instructional video on how to clean silverware with Lectric Washing Soda.

Red wine and food stains can be treated with a strong solution of washing soda. Large spills can be treated by applying dry washing soda directly to the stain followed by rinsing in clean water. Use washing soda for ink and grass stains too.

Washing away fireplace smoke and soot, or cleaning the smoke off the glass in wood stove doors, is easy and safe using Lectric Washing Soda. Use a regular solution to wash the surface, wearing gloves; and then rinse.


Solution Strengths

It is important to ensure that Lectric Washing Soda is dissolved prior to use. 

Use Warm to Hot water for dissolving and then allow the solution to reach required temperature prior to use.

Soda Warm/Hot Water
Mild 2 tbls 1 Litre
Regular 1 cup 1 Litre
Strong 2 cups 1 Litre